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(Released 06/08/2024)

© 2024 NUNOBLES MUSIC. All Rights Reserved.

(Released 05/28/2024)

© 2024 NUNOBLES MUSIC. All Rights Reserved.

(Released 03/29/2024)

© 2024 NUNOBLES MUSIC. All Rights Reserved.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon several songs based on Latin culture. I became so fascinated and mesmerized by the atmosphere, especially how its unique rhythm captivated listeners from all corners of the globe. So, even though I make music as a hobby, I decided to make a song that somewhat represents the scent of Latin music. I dedicate this song to you and all those Latin musicians.

Thank you for making such a great music.

(Released 03/29/2024)

© 2024 NUNOBLES MUSIC. All Rights Reserved.

I wrote this song to summarize the entire book 'Restart 51' within this musical piece to those who belong to the MZ generation. When I look back at my past, the most regrettable moment was when I lacked courage before a new life challenge and such hesitancy has led me to somewhat predictable failures and disappointments. So, I'd like to present this song to them with these words, "give yourself a pat on the back, and restart everything!"

The Birth Story of artist NUNOBLES

During my college orientation, I first heard this song:

Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin.

At the time, I didn't pay too much attention to it but later realized

it was one of those songs that cheered me up whenever I was depressed.

So, Fast-forward 35 years later, I was listening to the same song again.

But this time, I thought, ‘Why don’t I create a song for the same purpose?’


​ My initial plan was to have professional lyrists, composers, and other musicians

to create these songs that would be more pleasing to future listeners.

However, instead of creating final versions of songs that were

professionally created, polished, and mastered,

​ I thought it was more important for me to share my steps with you

on how I became an amateur singer-songwriter, NUNOBLES.

Being a true novice musician with no formal music education,

I spent several agonizing days per song by creating lyrics that

would truly reflect my previous life experiences, as well as

adjusting melodies, selecting appropriate digital musical instruments,

and arranging them for what seemed like an eternity.

However, I did not mind this tedious process at all, because

I sincerely hope such a music-making process will become

motivation and inspiration to anyone around the world

who is experiencing life’s obstacles that seem too difficult to overcome.

As my book and the songs helped me to restart my second life,

I hope they can also bring positive changes to your life.





NUNOBLES has a distinctive experience of graduating from Harvard at 51. After graduation, he determined to spread positive influence through diverse media and also authored ‘Restart 51’ in English. He also wrote its Korean version and made it freely available to anyone who wished to read it.



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