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I’m the Founder and CEO of NUNOBLES, a media and entertainment company, and also the author of Restart 51. I graduated from Harvard at 51, and I’d like to introduce my life experience and the insight I’ve acquired from planning my future via various media formats, such as books, videos, and songs. In addition to the YouTube platform, you can also find my songs from other music platforms, such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, etc., and you can find my book Restart 51 in Korean version from here. I hope these expressions of my life’s journey can bring positive changes to your life as much as they did mine. Thank you.

Brand Logo


NUNOBLES Logo - USPTO 030723 (4).jpg

The crown at the center of the NUNOBLES   logo represents the vision, mission, and value of NUNOBLES. The two solid lines on each side represent a person with both arms fully extended, encompassing everyone from around the globe who wishes to restart their life.

Vision, Mission, Value

The vision of NUNOBLES is to provide inspiration, one person at a time.

The mission of NUNOBLES is to operate a media platform for the global community to enrich their daily lives.

The core values of NUNOBLES are Community, Education, and Empathy.


Discover Pathways to Restart Your Life

I graduated from Harvard at 51 and authored the book RESTART 51 to share my life experience, including the reason I wanted to pursue my new life goal while I was in my 40s. I have also created this website to function as the global venue for anyone who seeks inspiration to restart their life.

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